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Its a the big debate - to animal print or to not!? Some people love it, some people hate it. We reveal the truth on animal print in the fashion world! 

Where did it come from? (Animals Duh..!): When Europeans began colonizing Asia and Africa in the 18th century, they brought home the skins of the leopards, tigers, and zebras that they found there. Those exotic patterns were soon reproduced on fabrics (for the über-rich, of course), leaving their mark on clothing and decor. Two centuries later, sex symbols like Lauren Bacall and Marilyn Monroe harnessed the prints’ come-hither magnetism.

Why it keeps coming back: Animal prints are like neutrals—they’re made up of brown, beige, and black, after all. “They’re seasonless, and you can wear them with almost anything,” says Jaffe. Plus, they add a little edge to your wardrobe. (

Be careful when picking out your animal print pieces. There's tasteful animal print and then there that tacky, fake animal print!

Being Australia's favourite online fashion boutique - we take pride in bringing you the latest and most unique designs on the market and we have to admit we do LOVE a lil animal print! We think every gal needs a little in their wardrobe! We have put together an inspo collection below to get your creative juices going and to get amongst it this season! xx


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online fashion boutique


Online fashion boutique

Amazon Zebra Maxi Dress (


(Roberto Verino Spring 2014 via Bcr8tive)


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Leopardo Playsuit


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online fashion boutique



These are some of our favourite looks (some of which are available online now)! Hope we have enlightened you with a little animal print inspo.


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